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We work hard to reduce waste at Mecoco and we love that our customers do too.

We don’t use any plastic in our products. All the tins we use for our candles and melts are aluminium and our jars are glass, so everything can be cleaned and added to your usual recycling collection. 

Tealight cups

We would love to have your empty metal tealight cups. We refill them with our own soy wax and new wicks and you can buy these recycled tealights in boxes of 12. If you would like to send us your empty cups (no plastic cups thank you) please send them to Unit 32, Capital Business Park, 11A Drakemyre, Dalry, KA24 5JD.  

Melt Well

We want to make sure that you get the best from your Mecoco candles and melts so here are our top tips and advice for how to melt well!

Melt Burners

Melt burners are specifically designed for melting wax. 

Oil burners are usually shorter and the dish is much closer to the tea light candle. This is because oil needs to get hotter for the fragrance to be released. We would recommend that you do not use an oil burner with wax melts as the temperature can get too hot and damage the wax. You should also take care where you place wax melters; following the safety guidelines for candles as shown below is advised.

The first time you light your Mecoco candle keep it lit until the top surface of the wax is completely melted. Our candles will take between 1 and 2 hours to reach this point. This will help your candle to burn evenly.

You should never burn any candle for more than 4 hours to protect the wax and stop your container getting too hot.

Take care where you place your candle when it is lit. We check that our containers don't exceed safe temperatures as they burn, but the base of any candle can get warm and this can damage the surfaces of furniture. Tea lights should be placed in a tea light holder before lighting.

Safety First: Our candles and melts always display a safety sticker. To use candles and melts safely you should;
  • Never leave a burning candle or melt burner unattended
  • Burn candles or melts out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not burn candles or melts on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Always leave 10cm between burning candles.
  • Trim candle wick to about 5mm before lighting each time.

Removing wax

Once your wax melts or shard has burnt off the fragrance you will need to remove it from the wax burner and replace with fresh wax. To remove old wax DO NOT use a sharp implement as you can damage the burner. Gently warm the wax using a fresh tealight and then either slide out the wax, or leave it to melt and use a piece of kitchen roll or cotton wool to absorb and wipe away the wax and discard in your bin.


Diffusers work by evaporation,  so if you leave a diffuser near a source of heat e.g. a radiator or sunny window sill it will evaporate quicker and not last as long.

  • Diffuser liquid can damage surfaces, so avoid spilling on polished, painted or synthetic surfaces and fabrics. 
  • When refilling diffusers please wear gloves to avoid getting the liquid on your skin, and pour in a safe place where spillages won't damage a surface or fabrics.
  • If using our refill bottles to fill your own container please check that it is suitable for the purpose, that it is watertight and will not react to the diffuser liquid. Mecoco can not be held responsible for damage caused by using our refills in any containers other than our own diffuser glass bottles.
  • Keep the diffuser upright in a secure place.
  • Wipe up any spillages immediately.
  • Do not place near sources of heat or open flames.
  • Do not light the reed sticks.
  • Refer to the label on the base or back of the bottle for fragrance specific advice and precautions.
  • Take care with diffusers around children and pets. If anyone drinks the oil seek immediate medical help.
SDS - safety data sheet & labelling

There are legal requirements in place under the EU’s Classification, Labelling & Packaging Regulation (CLP for short) which after 1st June 2015, stipulated that all new products containing hazardous substances must be labelled accordingly. CLP applies to a non-cosmetic product of any size containing a hazardous substance such as fragrance or essential oils (e.g. candles, wax melts, room mists, reed diffusers etc.) 

The wax we use is not hazardous so it isn't listed on our safety labels. However many ingredients in the commonly used fragrance oils are known to be eye or skin irritants and environmentally hazardous substances. If present at certain concentrations, they trigger various health or environmental warning statements and safety pictograms. This is what you see on our labelling. 

Whilst some of the information on the labels seems a bit scary, this is entirely for the protection of our customers.

Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any concerns or would like more information.