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Rewards Club

It’s free to join, and you score your first Mecoco Points just for signing up.



Earn by shopping, following us on social media — the opportunities are endless. Stack up those points and cash them in for big rewards.

Register for the Rewards Program 300 points
Attend a candlemaking class  1000 points
A gift on your Birthday! 300 points
For every £1 spent on our website points
Send us 12 or more used tealight cups 100 points
Follow Mecoco on Facebook or Instagram 50 points


Use your points to save on your next shop. Every 100 points = £1 

NB: All rewards are automatically added to your account except those earned for attending a class and sending us tealight cups. These will be added by the Mecoco Team as soon as possible.

Give £3, Get £3

Already sharing your love for Mecoco's products and story with your friends and family? May as well get something in return. Refer a friend and give them £3 toward their first Mecoco purchase. You’ll get £3 towards your next purchase, too! Look out for the code to share next time you checkout.