We pride ourselves on being an inclusive workplace. That means that our team is made up of disabled and able-bodied volunteers working together. Our aim is to provide work place experiences to disabled people who might not get that experience elsewhere. 

Mecoco is particularly special as we aren't selective about who we welcome so that means our team is made up of people with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities including those with significant needs. So that we can involve everyone, we break down the stages of making our products into small steps and adapt them where necessary.

Some of our volunteers will find a challenge in removing the lids from our tins when they arrive from the supplier. Another may need support to add the labels to our melts. 

We are proud to say that each item that our customers buy has been made by many different individuals, all working together. Mecoco is team work with a capital T!




Jenny started Mecoco in 2019 so that her son James could have meaningful work to do when he left school.

Her favourite part of working for Mecoco is welcoming work experience pupils from one of our local Additional Support Needs schools and seeing them progress.





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